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Employee Engagement Trends 2020: Insights and Benchmarks for Strategic People Leaders

Workplace reality doesn’t always match up with employee expectations.

And that disconnect shows up in devastating numbers that reflect the people problems you might be missing. One startling example? Almost two-thirds of employees surveyed reported experiencing burnout at work. Worse: A whopping 73% are “currently open” to a new job opportunity and a third are actively looking for one. 

What’s the road to engagement in 2020?

We analyzed data from the workforce at large and millions of employee engagement data points from Emplify Insights to find the trends that help teams thrive. We found disruptive disconnects between leaders and employees and examined those issues closely to craft recommendations for overcoming them. 

In the report:

  1. The six common gaps between leaders and employees that companies can overcome.
  2. Insight into employee engagement by company size, industry, team, and more.
  3. Employee engagement trends happening now — and data-driven recommendations for meeting them.
  4. Cost-saving, customer-delighting paths to better business outcomes that start with more engaged employees.

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