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Employee Engagement Trends and Indexes: Q1 2018 Report

What's Inside

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Emplify Q1 2018 Engagement Trends and Indexes Report, which includes a number of revealing insights about workplace culture, and tips to help better engage your employees.
This report examines engagement trends to gain a better understanding of how meaning is derived across generations, industries, and work types. We’ve compiled employee engagement survey data from more than 12,000 workers across all types of companies, industries, and locations that utilize the Emplify Insights™ product.

Because we believe in the significant value gleaned from this research, we invite you to download a complimentary copy of the report now.

Emplify’s Insights Report for Executives

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Download Now to Learn:

  • Our definition of meaning, and why that’s important for your engagement strategy
  • Why employees who derive meaning from their work are at least 3x more likely to stay in their current roles
  • How Emplify analyzes engagement for different types of workers, such as desk vs. non-desk, and project-based vs. knowledge-based
  • Why baby boomers feel 27% more utilized compared to millennials