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Insights for Executives: Employee Engagement Trends Report

What's Inside

When you’ve helped over 200 companies measure and improve employee engagement, you learn a thing or two. And since our solution is data-driven, we’ve also been able to track some key trends — which you’ll find in this report.

We analyzed engagement data for nearly 13,000 employees, pulled out some of the more significant findings, and distilled them into some actionable takeaways that we hope you will find valuable.

Insights for Executives Report

The report includes:

  • Insight into the 14 drivers and 3 psychological conditions of engagement.
  • Engagement stats around industry and job type.
  • How engagement differs for different generations in the workforce.
  • Stats on how engagement impacts productivity.
  • Real company case studies.
  • Actionable tips and takeaways you can use in your own business.