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Insights Live 23-Minute Webinar Series

Let’s end 2020 strong and prepare for an even better 2021 with a new weekly webinar series curating YOUR biggest questions & concerns.

Each webinar is only 23 minutes, packed full of valuable content from our top speakers.

Join us for the entire series or pick the topics most relevant to you.

How to Run Effective One-on-One Meetings

Tuesday, November 10th; 2:00pm EST

We’re giving you a 101 crash course on 1:1s. Often overlooked and underutilized, the 1:1 is the most important tool in a manager’s arsenal. Join Emplify People Insight Consultant, Chris Sego, as we walk through a guide on how to lead more effective 1:1s including a sample agenda and question bank.

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Making a Business Case for Employee Engagement

Tuesday, November 17th; 2:00pm EST

We all know our employees are the key to achieving business goals, yet it can be difficult to secure the budget and resources needed to execute our people strategies. In this session, Bonnie Curtis, former executive at Procter and Gamble and current CHRO at Castellini Companies, joins to share her expertise on the elements of an effective business case and getting executive buy-in.

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Creating a Practice of Gratitude

Tuesday, November 24th; 2:00pm EST

This year, we’ve seen how employees crave authentic and empathetic leadership. In the fight against burnout, these are key traits for managers and executives alike that seek to engage their employees. Leaders can cultivate these qualities by creating a mindfulness practice focused on gratitude. Adam Weber, Emplify’s Chief People Officer and Amazon best-selling author, will share the importance gratitude plays in leading like a human and exercises you can incorporate into your daily schedule to make you more open and empathetic.

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Fostering Engagement in Remote Work Environments

Tuesday, December 1st; 2:00pm EST

How can we create the culture we are trying to achieve while working remotely? How do we keep employees connected and engaged through an extended period of WFH? How can we best manage a hybrid work environment moving forward? Join our own People Insights Consultant, Dustin Goeglein, as he answers these questions and provides some tactical recommendations.. From his experience working directly with our customers, he’ll shed a light on what’s working plus new findings from our latest trends report on remote work.

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The Future of Talent Development

Tuesday, December 8th; 2:00pm EST

The year of the manager. Too long, managers have been left to their own devices—responsible for achieving their business metrics while growing their team and with little support and development plans. Engagement is not an “executive” or “HR” thing: it’s everyone’s responsibility. We need to decentralize engagement initiatives by enabling and empowering our managers. But, how? Emplify CoFounder & CEO, Santiago Jaramillo, and Manager Coach, Adam Bouse, join to share the vision for a new way to think about manager development.

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2021 Business Trends You Need To Know

Tuesday, December 15th; 2:00pm EST

2020 has fundamentally changed our workforce and the role HR plays for our businesses. As we close out this year and the Insights Live Series, we’ll be sharing the trends you should know moving into the new year, the impact of extended remote work, and our predictions for 2021.

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