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Insights Live Webinar Series: Beyond Data: Improving Engagement with Action

Josh Hammonds, Ph.D., Sam Yoder & Adam Weber

About the webinar

Now more than ever it’s important to know what actions will have the greatest impact for your business. But, with things changing so rapidly and an uncertain future, how do you know which path is right?

Join Adam Weber, Joshua Hammonds, Ph.D., and Sam Yoder for a tactical deep dive on how to leverage data to take action to improve engagement, foster productivity, meet your business objectives, and more.

They’ll share the latest findings on how COVID-19 is affecting teams and shed light on practical actions top leaders are taking to navigate today’s challenges.

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Dr. Joshua Hammonds has over 15 years of teaching and research experience within the field of Business and Organizational Communication. A Professor at Rollins College and their Crummer Graduate School of Business, Dr. Hammonds focuses on the competencies and best practices of professional communication and management within various organizational settings. As a professor, he teaches specific courses on Business and Professional Communication, Research Methodology and Data Analytics, Small Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Conflict Negotiation, Nonverbal Communication, and Persuasion.

Regarding data analytics, Dr. Hammonds utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to inform his work on psychometric scale development, survey design, multivariate statistical analysis and structural equation modeling.
His primary consulting work includes communication interventions within healthcare settings, communication trainings for best practices in management, as well as trainings on extensive data analytics on employee engagement to provide data-driven solutions to corporations.

As Emplify’s first Employee Engagement Coach, Sam Yoder helped develop a suite of Coaching Services. Every year, Yoder hosts up to 600 unique coaching sessions with leaders at all levels of the organization, from C-suite to line level manager. Using Emplify’s engagement solution, she works with these leaders to figure out tactical next steps in solving engagement issues on their individual teams.

Yoder joined Emplify in 2017 as an Orr Fellow, an Indianapolis-based business fellowship program. Through this role, she leaned into the start-up mentality, many times creating her own role to solve unique problems at Emplify, both on the Sales and Customer Success side of the business. Prior to her fellowship, Yoder worked for the Career Services Office at Taylor University as one of three executors on a Lilly Endowment grant, developing the University’s entrepreneurship program.

Adam Weber is Chief People Officer and Co-founder of Emplify, a company that helps leaders measure, diagnose, and solve their employee engagement challenges. Previously, he co-founded Bluebridge Digital, a mobile app platform, where he grew and sold the company in 2016. Adam is an expert and speaker on employee engagement, culture, team performance, and leadership development. He has spoken at a number of events around the country for which he has been consistently rated as a top presenter. In 2020, Adam was named to Business Insider’s list of Rising Stars in HR.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in organizational communication from Ball State University, is a former musician, retired pastor, aspiring comedian, and currently lives in Zionsville, IN with his wife, two sons, and dogs.