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Pandemic-Proof Your Managers in 2021 and Beyond


Adam Bouse, Adam Weber, Larke Stuart & Jennifer Naugle


About the webinar

We’re a year into COVID-19 lockdown and nothing has changed—workers are still anxious, exhausted, feeling negative, and being pulled in different directions. Employee pandemic burnout is real, and a turnover tsunami is coming whether we’re ready or not.

In this webinar, Director of HR Larke Stuart and Area Manager Jennifer Naugle at Birge & Held, a real estate investment firm, join Emplify People Insights Coach Adam Bouse to discuss how to best retain workers in a post-pandemic environment. They’ll go over high-level strategies as well as on-the-ground tactics that have helped ease the weight of pandemic stress on its workforce.

Watch now to learn how to do the following:

• Establish a company culture that supports psychological wellbeing
• Make workloads sustainable for employees without harming the bottom line
• Empower managers to address specific pain points within their teams
• Boost employee engagement among a geographically distributed workforce

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