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A family-run business in Huntsville, Alabama, T-H Marine has been designing and manufacturing boat parts and accessories for the past 40 years. Despite their rich history, company culture hadn’t changed much in the past several decades, which posed a problem for employee engagement and the future of the organization.

After partnering with Emplify, T-H Marine was able to uncover the reasons for disengagement in their workforce, and address these issues head-on. Emplify’s science-based surveys provided the open employee feedback needed to increase engagement across the organization, leading to a 30% increase in worker efficiency and a $3.8 million increase in production capacity.

Learn more about how T-H Marine was able to invest in its employees by downloading the case study now.


The results speak for themselves. Emplify was worth every single dime, just for the survey results alone. You’ve got to be willing to invest in your employees.”


Jeffery Huntley Jr.
General Manager, T-H Marine





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