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Employee Burnout: Identify, Prevent, & Remedy

Dr. Jeff Smith, Hakemia Jackson, Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski & Santiago Jaramillo

About the webinar

Are you working from home or living at work?

With these boundaries becoming more blurred, employees are being bombarded with stress and responsibilities from both sides leading to higher rates of burnout. The psychological and physical problems of burned-out employees can greatly hurt businesses, thanks to low productivity across organizations, high turnover, and the loss of the most capable talent

This webinar features people leaders from 15Five, Bravely, Emplify, and Braintrust, as they discuss tactics and strategies to identify, prevent, and remedy employee burnout at your organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify employee burnout before it becomes a problem
  • How building a foundation of vulnerability, resilience and agility can help teams thrive in change and prevent burnout
  • Coaching questions and strategies to implement to if you notice signs of burnout


Dr. Jeff Smith – Director of Best-Self Academy, 15Five
Hakemia Jackson – Executive Coach, Bravely
Santiago Jaramillo – Co-founder & CEO, Emplify
Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski – Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Braintrust

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