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5 Lessons on Leadership and Engagement with Blaine Hurst, President & CEO, Panera Bread

Blaine Hurst, President & CEO of Panera Bread

About the webinar

In this Emplify Engage Tour webinar, Blaine Hurst shares his lessons learned about company culture and employee engagement over his 40-year career and as a leader at organizations like Ernst & Young and Papa Johns, and now a transformative eight years at the helm of Panera Bread, America’s leading fast-casual restaurant.

Blaine shares how empowering his teams with autonomy and the ability to “just go” has allowed them to completely transform Panera’s digital customer experience. Hear why he tells his people to “architect a little and work like hell” to make real, transformational change.

You’ll learn:

  • Blaine’s 5 lessons for building and leading engaged teams.
  • How to handle “unbelievers” when trying to make transformational change.
  • Why leaders must take risks and why Blaine says “strategic projects” always fail.
  • How Panera is executing “culture by intent.”

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