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Understanding the Components of a Winning Employee Engagement Strategy

About the webinar: We know having a clear employee engagement strategy is paramount to achieving your business goals for the year. Yet, of the 90% of leaders who think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, barely 25% of them feel confident it’s working.


Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture

About the webinar: Did you know 68% of consumers would actually pay more for a product or service if it meant getting a better customer experience? Enabling and empowering employees to provide a high-level customer experience is essential to business success, but building that…


Report: The Qualities of Effective Managers

When it comes to succeeding at work, managers are everything. The relationship between an employee and their manager is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement. The way a manager leads impacts the productivity of their team and can make or break the individual success of their direct reports.


Scaling Up with Employee Engagement

About the webinar: Watch world-renowned business expert and bestselling author, Verne Harnish, along with nationally recognized employee engagement expert and author, Santiago Jaramillo, for this one-of-a-kind webinar on scaling up with maximum employee engagement. Learn how business leaders worldwide are scaling their organizations by creating a culture of high employee…


5 Lessons on Leadership and Engagement with Blaine Hurst, President & CEO, Panera Bread

In this Emplify Engage Tour webinar, Blaine Hurst shares his lessons learned about company culture and employee engagement over his 40-year career and as a leader at organizations like Ernst & Young and Papa Johns, and now a transformative eight years at the helm of Panera Bread, America’s leading fast-casual restaurant.


Insights for Executives: Employee Engagement Trends Report

When you’ve helped over 200 companies measure and improve employee engagement, you learn a thing or two. And since our solution is data-driven, we’ve also been able to track some key trends — which you’ll find in this report. We analyzed engagement data for nearly 13,000 employees, pulled out some…