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Team Building in the Workplace

Maintaining a strong company culture involves comprehensive planning, and workplace activities play a key role in this process.


Here are a few team building activities to help boost engagement.

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Team Building

What Are Team Building Activities?

Team Building Activities Definition

We define team building activities as things you can do as a group at work, that promote confidence, trust, and interaction. These kinds of activities can be excellent choices for all types of employment situations. In other words, you don’t need a team of a particular size and you don’t have to belong to a certain type of working environment or industry. By focusing on team building activities for work, you can come up with plenty of great things for you and your employees to enjoy. Not everyone wants to be part of a team, but that’s often because they haven’t experienced the value of belonging to a good quality team in the past.

Depending on the size of your team and the kind of work you do, there may be many different kinds of activities in which to engage. The goal is to get everyone on board, in order to integrate the team as much as possible. If you offer plenty of fun team building activities, you can get everyone from your group working with one another more easily and comfortably. That, in turn, can mean stronger and better interaction outside of the activities. It can also help you see which of your workers are “team players” and which may not be.

Remember, not being a team player isn’t necessarily a bad thing for certain types of work. But you generally want your workers to be comfortable interacting with each other and collaborating on things for your company. Even 5 minute team building activities can help you accomplish a higher level of comfort between your employees. That can translate into a lot of value for your business, and keep your employees more engaged with the work and one another, as well. All in all, simple team building activities can be an excellent choice for getting your employees working well together.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

One of the biggest things to consider with team building activities is all the benefits you, your company, and your workers will receive. It’s very important to make sure you’re keeping your employees engaged and focused on their tasks, and corporate team building activities are a great way to get that started. Your employees will benefit from getting to know one another, which builds trust and helps them operate as a cohesive unit more easily. That can add to their overall satisfaction with their jobs, and keep them more interested in the work that they’re doing for your company every day.

Employees can also have a stronger sense of purpose, even from quick team building activities that don’t take up a lot of their time. They feel like they’re part of something bigger, and they see their importance in the role they play at your company. That empowers them to start being bolder, working harder, and becoming more immersed in company culture, all of which are good things for their overall professional growth and development. But employees are not the only people who benefit from team building activities for adults. Company owners and the entire corporate culture can see benefits, as well.

Office team building activities can bring people from various office locations around your company into closer contact with one another. They may interact over the phone and through email, but working closely with one another in the same room can really help them build a level of trust and companionship they may not ever have otherwise. When they do that, the entire company benefits from their interactions. They reach out more frequently and work better together, giving them the chance to raise the bar and bring your company up to the next level. It’s well worth the time spent on good team building activities.

Improving Team Building Activities

The goal for companies that already do these kinds of activities is to improve upon them and make them better for everyone involved. That can mean focusing on indoor team building activities when the weather is not good. It can also mean considering outdoor team building activities when the opportunity presents itself. Getting your group out into the sunshine could be just what they need to feel better — unless your company is in Arizona and it’s July. Making sure you’re considering your employees’ needs is a big factor in how well the team building activities will go.

If your company is a busy one and it’s hard to make enough time, consider short team building activities. That way you can get your team together for some interaction, but you don’t have to cause them stress by keeping them away from their duties for too long at a time. The activities you do with your team are meant to supplement and complement what they already do. If those activities are getting in the way of work instead of enhancing it, you’ll want to rethink what you’re trying to do. It may be time to set some new goals and work with your employees to see what they really need from team building exercises.

Team Building Activities Survey

You can get a good idea of what your team needs in the way of activities through a team building activities survey. You should ask them about the best team building activities they’ve experienced, and the kinds of activities that simply haven’t worked for them. You might also want to consider unusual team building activities. It can be fun and adventurous to try something out of the ordinary with your team, but you don’t want to push them too far out of their comfort zone. At the end of the day they’re all adults, and they always need to be treated with respect and professionalism.

It’s possible that they weren’t necessarily treated that way in team building exercises with other companies, which is why it’s so important to start with easy team building activities and work up to more complicated or unique options. For example, consider team building problem solving activities. That way your group gets the opportunity to work together in ways that are different from the norm but that will benefit them in their daily working lives, too. Group team building activities and ideas for them can be collected from the survey, and then used to develop options for the group you’re working with.

Team Building Activities Software

Using software for team building activities is a real possibility. There are programs for nearly everything. Especially if you’re looking for small group team building activities, you might be having trouble finding enough options. Many of the activities are designed for larger groups, and they don’t always translate well to smaller ones. You don’t have to let that stop you, though. You can take information from the surveys and use it to develop some great ideas that get your employees thinking and working together. In smaller groups, the right level of communication is often the most important thing.

Communication team building activities can be some of the most important and significant options, especially if you plan to use software. Because software naturally lends itself to communication, employees are comfortable with the idea of interacting that way. If you take that level of interaction and use it in ways that naturally help your employees build stronger bonds with one another, your team building activities can be a big success. Your employees will feel valued, learn new skills, and work better with one another. That’s all to their benefit, and to the benefit of the company, as well.

Team Building Activities Strategies

Strategies for team building activities are going to be unique to each organization, but they all have a common theme in that they need to be valuable to those involved with them. Trying to have these kinds of activities just to have them isn’t going to add to the long-term success of your company, or make your employees feel better about their working lives. Instead, the team building activities need to make your employees feel like part of the company. These activities should also give your employees a sense that they’re advancing their skills, and shouldn’t take up too much of their time.

When you focus on the value of your corporate team building activities instead of the “need” to have them in order to feel complete or relevant, you and your employees get much more from those activities as a whole. Don’t underestimate the power of showing your employees that they matter to your organization. Team building activities are designed to do that, and when you use the right ones you’ll see much higher levels of success from them. Your strategy should be to choose the activities that work best for your company and your employees, while providing the maximum level of benefit to everyone involved.