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COVID-19 Employee Well-Being Tool

Brought to you in partnership with 15Five and Emplify

How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting your team?

For the first time, employee burnout isn’t being caused by work. The unique challenges of today are affecting your team’s mental well-being and overall productivity.
As the leaders in employee measurement, Emplify developed a tool to help managers get the feedback they need to navigate through this time.
On this platform, you’ll have access to free assessments designed to measure the well-being, remote effectiveness, and specific needs of their team throughout the changing landscape of COVID-19.
  • Quickly gauge the collective emotional and mental well-being of your team
  • Identify your employee’s feelings on burnout, workspace setup, rest, autonomy, and flexibility
  • Get free access to Emplify resources that help managers navigate crisis situations

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