Employee insights that go deeper—to your bottom line.

Stop guessing about what’s holding your business back.
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Don’t wait for the exit interview.

It’s time to understand why your most valuable employees are leaving before they have one foot out the door.

Employee engagement is connected to productivity, retention, workplace safety, and more, yet so many companies neglect to measure it. Focusing your attention on employee analytics gives you the insight you need to start driving change for your organization.

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“It’s like you guys are reading my mind. These survey results confirm things in my gut I’ve been wondering about, and now I have the objective data I need to make changes that will make our team better.”

Jeffery Huntley, Jr. General Manager

Guess how much T-H Marine’s annual production capacity increased after implementing Emplify Insights.

$0 $1M $2MM $3MM $4MM

Truth you can act on.

Everything you do is driven by ROI, and employee engagement is no different. Improving employee engagement and its impact on your business is possible—let our agile process prove it.


with a quick and easy survey administered by Emplify to obtain your engagement score in a matter of days.


problem areas through results analysis with Emplify’s engagement experts and SmartPulse surveys.


issues by prioritizing pain points in your survey results and developing a focused plan of action.


We deliver the data you need for the change you want.

“Emplify allows me to do my job better by having a direct line to our employees. It helps me understand exactly how they’re feeling and allows me to get quick feedback on the issues I’m trying to solve.”
Craig Anderson Student Connections
Craig Anderson

President, Student Connections

“Since receiving our Emplify results, we’ve clarified team roles, coached managers on autonomy, acted on employee feedback, and added more events for increased camaraderie.”
Carly Cox
Carly Cox

Vice President of Operations, JJR Solutions

“Adding Insights for our employees was a no-brainer; it allows us to dive deeper into the issues and uncover what’s causing disengagement.”
Jill Lehman
Jill Lehman

VP Administration & Chief People Officer, Ontario Systems

Discover the ROI of employee engagement.

  • Simple surveys that can be done via app, text, email, and web
  • A single, powerful score to track your progress
  • Segmented insights and expert coaching for deeper understanding
Employee Engagement Platform

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  • How Emplify’s agile process helps you gather honest employee feedback in real time via mobile app, email, text, or web
  • The in-depth data and analysis provided by the Emplify Insights™ platform
  • An assessment of your current employee engagement measurement initiatives
  • Real-life examples of companies who have used Insights to increase engagement and prove ROI on cultural initiatives

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