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“The business is going through a lot of transformation right now. Our people are stressed. Our people are critical to the business. Recruitment of engineering talent is difficult, and on-boarding is costly so retention is important. I need a tool to keep my pulse on how our people are doing. Emplify enables me to do this.”

Mark Matson, Vice President of Human Resources, EWI

“Emplify provides data around things you would normally just feel. You may have this sense that there are problems but you don’t know exactly what or why, and with Insights’ conditions and drivers, you see clearly and specifically those areas your teams need to address.”

Kira Childers, LMS Manager, Ontario Systems

“Emplify allows me to do my job better by having a direct line to our employees. It helps me understand exactly how they’re feeling and allows me to get quick feedback on the issues I’m trying to solve.”

Craig Anderson, President, Student Connections

Chief People Officer Explains What Makes Emplify Different

“It’s like you guys are reading my mind. These survey results confirm things in my gut I’ve been wondering about, and now I have the objective data I need to make changes that will make our team better.”

Jeffery Huntley, General Manager, T-H Marine Supplies, Inc.

“We recently reorganized all our reporting structures and needed a way — beyond financial metrics — to measure the effects on our teams. We measure – change, measure – change, measure – change. The data enables us to identify specific areas of concern and focus our energy where it’s most needed.”

Jason Harrington, CEO, Ontario Systems

“The Emplify data was super impactful for me to know where we’re at as a business. It’s affirming, but not like a horoscope… it’s an accurate take on our business.”

Joel Bell, President, CertaPro Painters of Dayton