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Diversity & Inclusion Progress Assessment

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Research shows that companies who embrace and excel in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion outperform their competitors. Yet, even with this striking reality, matters of diversity, fairness, and inclusion remain challenges for many organizations.

To help you make progress, we’ve designed this 15-item survey that gives a clear view of diversity and inclusion within your company through the eyes of your employees. The assessment will show you their perspectives within the context of four areas: the overall company, senior leadership, policies and practices, and their own personal experience.

This tool is not meant to solve all of your problems at once, but it will provide objective, actionable data that you can use to start making progress right away. Building a more diverse and inclusive culture is a journey, so we strongly encourage you to plan on running the assessment again after 3 to 6 months to measure your progress towards building a healthier culture for all employees.

Diversity & Inclusion Progress Assessment

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In 2 steps, this assessment can help you:

  • Establish a baseline of employee sentiment around your diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Uncover areas of concern for your team
  • Take an important step toward meaningful progress
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