Measure and Understand Employee Engagement

Invest in your culture with confidence through an employee engagement platform that delivers valid, actionable insights.

Misleading Metrics

Does your current survey truly address engagement—or just pretend to? Without psychometrically valid questions or confidentiality you can trust, vanity survey results are better suited for PR/recruitment, while other assessments leave you with an overwhelming amount of data that’s too complex to take action on.

True Engagement

When survey questions are based on psychological conditions of engagement rather than promotional perks, you can uncover where real pain is being felt, pinpointing the department, team, or roles where action is needed.


Less Time Administering, More Time Engaging

You’re a people leader. But without data to inform your culture, you’re forced to make decisions based on gut instincts. Stop jumping through hoops to get the insights you need by letting Emplify:

Handle the burden of survey administration, delivery, and analysis for you

Optimize the employee survey experience through mobile for higher response rates

Ensure third-party confidentiality for the most honest feedback

Email Survey

Clear, Reliable Insights

You measure and analyze every part of your business. So is it really enough to just trust your gut when it comes to your most important asset—your people? Know and understand your true state of engagement through:

Psychometrically valid questions that measure true engagement to unlock what employees really need to thrive at work

Conclusive results based on 14 underlying engagement drivers and segmented by department, tenure, and other employee groups

Trackable insights that reveal trends in your engagement over time as a result of both annual and quarterly check-in surveys

Emplify Engagement Scorecard

Strategy That Keeps You Accountable

We’re just as committed to your success as you are. With Emplify, you’re never left to analyze data on your own. We’ll continually check in and hold you accountable for making continued improvements through:

A built-in engagement expert and quarterly services

A playbook with proven best practices and 100+ follow up questions to help you understand and drive deeper engagement

Guidance and accountability to deliver on the hard truths no one else is telling you

Employee Engagement Strategy

Take Action on Your Engagement Insights

A hunch about your employee engagement isn’t enough to drive change. See how Emplify gives you the objective data you need to create true engagement throughout your business.

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