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Rely on Your Gut

While today’s companies are using powerful data to get ahead of the game, most leadership teams are still relying on gut feelings over proven metrics. But relying on intuition alone makes it hard to advocate for a winning culture. We’re here to help you change that.

Support it With Data

You’ve got insights worth sharing, but you need data to back them up. When you’re ready to deliver the ROI your company leaders are looking for, discover Emplify—an employee engagement platform that delivers honest feedback for proactive action.

Measure what really matters.

Emplify eliminates the guesswork with confidential, data-driven surveys that are based on scientific measurements of employee engagement.

Each survey question has been carefully crafted using social science, including 14 underlying drivers that address true engagement—not just job satisfaction.

Simplified Employee Engagement Surveys

You need a hassle-free survey with quick answers and relevant solutions. When you partner with Emplify, we handle every aspect of survey administration.

Accessible via mobile app, text, email, and web, our survey takes just six minutes to complete, and offers the confidentiality of a third-party survey. Our survey reaches every employee (both in and out of the office), so you’ll eliminate communication barriers and encourage real feedback that helps you see exactly where employee disengagement is happening, and what you should do about it.

Get meaningful employee insights.

Our heatmaps break down every insight by department, team, tenure, manager, generation, and location. Once you know what problems exist, and where they are, you’ll be able to use our SmartPulse polling to follow up with qualitative questions. Each question is designed for specific groups within your organization, letting you get to the heart of the bigger issue and develop strategies that make a difference.

Employee Engagement Software

A Partner in Turning Chatter Into Action

When you’re working to improve your organization, you don’t just need survey results. You need a partner who works with you quarter-over-quarter to help quantify your results and boost your employee engagement score.

Once the survey is complete, we partner with you to help quantify your results and boost your employee engagement score. We work to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed with meaningless data, and we guide your team towards a plan that’s focused on culture-changing initiatives.

Trust your investment.
Build your culture.

When you cut through the noise, something powerful happens. You get to the heart of what’s working, and you see with crystal clear vision what isn’t working at all. We’ll help you communicate new decisions to your employees, prioritize your progress each month, and keep your sights on business-changing initiatives for moving your company forward.

We deliver the data you need for the change you want.

“I spent an extensive amount of time researching engagement measurement solutions and ultimately I went with Emplify because of their coaching. We are growing quickly and I needed to select a partner who would help me interpret the data and be a thought partner for action planning so I can spend more time on the strategic results and less time on survey administration and data interpretation.

I’ve been thrilled with the results so far. The insights have been valuable and the coaching has been world-class!”

sue joyce headshot terminus
Sue Joyce , Vice President of Employee Success, Terminus
Sue Joyce
Vice President of Employee Success, Terminus
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“Emplify provides data around things you would normally just feel. You may have this sense that there are problems but you don’t know exactly what or why, and with Insights’ conditions and drivers, you see clearly and specifically those areas your teams need to address.”

kira childers ontario systems headshot
Kira Childers , LMS Manager, Ontario Systems
Kira Childers
LMS Manager, Ontario Systems
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“The business is going through a lot of transformation right now. Our people are stressed. Our people are critical to the business. Recruitment of engineering talent is difficult, and on-boarding is costly so retention is important. I need a tool to keep my pulse on how our people are doing. Emplify enables me to do this.”

mark matson ewi headshot
Mark Matson , Vice President of Human Resources, EWI
Mark Matson
Vice President of Human Resources, EWI

Don’t settle for second-guessing. Invest in insights you can act on.

When you’re ready to build a winning culture, you want to rely on an employee analytics and insights platform that delivers truth you can act on. That’s Emplify.

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