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The employee engagement improvement software with insights delivered by humans

Emplify’s unique software + humans approach helps leaders, managers, and individual contributors engage and perform to their full potential.

With Emplify, you will:

Identify actions to immediately impact engagement.

Improve trust between employees, managers, and leaders.

Increase efficiency and boost employee and manager performance.

Reduce turnover and improve morale.

“Emplify is helping us drive our company in the direction we’ve always wanted. Turnover has dropped 24% for people in their first year of employment as a result of our work together.”

Rick Lombardo, Executive Director, Corporate Development


Get truth you can act on.

Emplify administers confidential, psychometrically-valid questionnaires to measure employee engagement in your organization. Our quantitative survey will only take your employees about 6 minutes to complete, and we handle the administration, delivery, and data analysis.

We repeat this process every 90 days — so you can see the impact of your actions and can adjust accordingly each quarter.


Measure what matters.

While other solutions only look at employee satisfaction, Emplify gives you insight into true employee engagement. We do this by measuring the presence of 17 underlying drivers of engagement, such as meaning, goal support, autonomy, and utilization.

The ability to quantify these drivers helps you better understand strengths and weaknesses in your organization so you can prioritize initiatives.


Slice-and-dice the data.

Our intuitive heatmaps help you visualize employee engagement in your organization and allow you to view your data by department, manager, generation, location, and more. See where your teams are excelling and where more work is needed, at a glance.


Dig deeper on important issues, fast.

Emplify’s Dynamic Feedback technology sends employees an AI-generated, open-ended question at the end of the Emplify Survey. Within seconds, individual results are analyzed and the employee is asked to share ideas on a key area. It’s contextual, clarifying, and most of all, easy.


Take action and get results.

Measuring engagement is just the first step. Your strategist will help you understand the state of engagement in your organization and work with you to map out next steps.

Together, you’ll build an action plan for guiding your team towards the culture-changing initiatives that make a difference.

Ready to see our software in action?

“Hands down best tool for measuring company engagement.”

Lindsey G, on G2 Crowd
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“Gained insights otherwise impossible to attain.”

Arturo M., on G2 Crowd
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“Excellent data that has the potential to transform your team.”

Mike E., on G2 Crowd
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“Game changer. Real time engagement analytics that allows you to pinpoint trouble areas inside your company and provides tactical support to make the needed change.”

Seth M., on G2 Crowd
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“Adding Emplify for our employees was a no-brainer; it allows us to dive deeper into the issues and uncover what’s causing disengagement.”

Jill Lehman, Chief People Officer, Ontario Systems

“Emplify is far more than a well researched engagement survey. The survey is exceptionally well done, but what’s even more outstanding is the coaching and feedback they provide at every step of the process. Their expert advisers are invaluable!”

Susan H., on G2 Crowd
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