About Us

We care deeply about forging stronger relationships between employers and employees. As the world’s leading employee engagement insights solution, Emplify provides companies with a new way to invest in their culture with confidence.

Our Story

Emplify began as the in-house app for Bluebridge, a mobile app engagement platform and market leader in the tourism and church spaces.

By the end of 2015, Bluebridge had already published over 600 apps to the iTunes and Google Play stores, delivered more than six million push notifications, and achieved over 15 million user sessions. Realizing its exponential growth was largely due to its vibrant culture and aligned teams, Bluebridge employees requested an internal app to keep that momentum going.

The results were astounding.

When 100% of the team adopted the internal app and usage skyrocketed, Bluebridge knew they were on to something. The activity caught the attention of Todd Richardson, former EVP of Admin for ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud). While at ExactTarget, Richardson helped grow the company from 200 to 3,000 employees while navigating an IPO and later acquisition to Salesforce. His influence of ExactTarget’s unique “Orange” culture even impacted the IPO S1 filing, where it was listed as a key differentiator.

With Richardson on as a key member of the executive team, the company launched its first employee engagement product line in 2016, immediately striking a chord among an eager market and quickly achieving sales that surpassed those of Bluebridge’s existing offerings within just a few short months.

From there, Bluebridge branded the employee engagement product as a stand-alone entity, Emplify, to address shifts around when, where, and how people work. As a leader in mobile employee engagement, Emplify is well-positioned to help people-centered CEOs and HR leaders connect and engage their employees by meeting them whenever and wherever they are.

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