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Engagement isn’t just for employees.

It’s good for partners too.

With Emplify, you don’t just get a tool. You get a team.

We could talk all day about the partnership between data and science that makes Emplify’s platform so simple and yet so powerful. We could tell you all about how it can diagnose organizational challenges, measure engagement initiatives, and quantify the value of your work to the executive team.

But there’s another kind of partnership that’s just as powerful: the one between technology and humans.

As a business consultant, you know that without data, convincing anybody in the c-suite of anything is an uphill battle. They want to see the numbers. Wouldn’t you?

Data can answer a lot of questions. But the one it can’t answer is: “What do we do about it?” Only a human can answer that question.

Yes, we’re a technology company. But we’re not machines. We’re people. The kind of people that build technology to make other people’s lives easier.

  • There’s nothing for you to do. Our team handles set-up and administration.
  • Survey every employee using web, mobile, email, or text.
  • Easily reach distributed workforces, multiple locations, and remote teams
  • Login to our easy-to-read dashboard anytime.
  • Stay informed and engaged with actionable quarterly client data.
  • Gain client confidence with proof points and measurable ROI.
  • Eliminate bias with third-party collection and objective analysis.
  • Launch reliable surveys guided by the work of three University PhD programs
  • Get insights and support from Emplify’s in-house engagement team.
  • Uncover new business opportunities and growth strategies.
  • Share your professional expertise with our audience.
  • Take advantage of our growing library of resources.

You can’t outrun technology. But with the right technology partner, you can outrun your competition.

How does the partnership work?

Good question! Here are the basics.

  • You identify organizations that could benefit from faster, more consistent diagnostic data and guidance.
  • We’ll introduce them to the platform, connecting the dots between the engagement data we collect, the expertise you bring, and better business outcomes for them.
  • They say “Let’s do it” and our team goes to work. We set up the software, administer the surveys, and collect and analyze the data.
  • You get the data and insights you need to do what you do best and a helpful partner invested in your success.

Have more questions?

What if I'm already using an engagement measurement tool?

Emplify’s platform is more than a tool; it’s a team. We don’t just collect the data; our engagement strategists drill into it, slice and dice it, and deliver it with customized recommendations. This is not just a data dump… it’s an action plan you can build on.

What triggers or events make Emplify a good fit?

You know your clients better than we do, but some of these probably sound familiar:

  • High turnover
  • Low or inconsistent productivity
  • Complacency, trust issues, and poor communication
  • Engaging a cross-generational workforce
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Changes in leadership
  • An overwhelmed HR department

Does this mean I'm supposed to sell your platform to my clients?

Nope. This isn’t a reseller program; it’s a partner referral program.

You decide when you want to introduce Emplify into the equation and we’ll do the rest. If your client agrees that it’s a good fit, we’ll provide helpful resources, training, and support to both of you.

How do I know the Emplify platform is accurate and reliable?

Emplify partnered with three University PhD programs to design the surveys and develop the algorithms that deliver consistent, quantifiable data. We’ve also gone to great lengths to make sure employees can give 100% confidential feedback.

Why do you recommend quarterly surveys? Most of my clients are used to doing surveys once a year.

For the same reason shareholders want quarterly reports. Things change. When they do, you want to be the force behind the change, not the one chasing it.

A cadence of quarterly surveys lets you and your client track progress on initiatives, make adjustments when necessary, and report back on the results. It’s a feedback loop, not a feedback line.

Will our services overlap?

Not really. Emplify’s platform is a diagnostic tool, constantly monitoring the health of an organization. Because we’re intimately familiar with the question set and how others have responded to the data, we’re able to see where intervention might be needed, and we’re happy to share those insights with you.

That technology + human thing is what makes us a team.

You said you could slice the data. How thin are we talking?

We can’t tell you what Jim had for lunch (that’s confidential and we promise employees complete anonymity), but we can tell you if the people in Jim’s department are likely to be interviewing on their lunch hour.

Quarterly data can be segmented by manager, department, location, age, tenure, and more.

Is that thin enough?

What does your team do to support me and my clients?

We thought you’d never ask! We value our partners and want to make sure that you and your clients have everything you need to succeed, like a personalized enablement plan, helpful webinars and engagement research.

We also provide you with unique opportunities to share your expertise through collaboration, networking events, and content publishing.

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule some time to chat.

"I know how critical employee engagement is and how it directly impacts revenue for my clients. Becoming a partner was a natural next step, as several of my clients were already using Emplify. Now about half of all my coaching clients work with Emplify, and it contributes to about 20% of my revenue, through additional training and coaching opportunities uncovered by the Emplify data."
Dr. Craig Overmyer, Cultures That Work

Enough About Us

We want to hear about you!

Let’s jump on a call and explore what an ideal partnership could look like.

If you’d like, we’ll show you around the platform too.

Introduce yourself, we’ll reach out soon!