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Emplify customer video series: Ontario Systems

Nicole Klemp
Nicole Klemp

Hear from Jill Lehman, Vice President and Chief People Officer at Ontario Systems, as she explains what makes the Emplify solution different, and how measuring and acting on employee engagement data is helping improve employee-manager relationships in the organization.

Jill and the rest of the Ontario Systems leadership team consider employee engagement a key performance indicator for their business and have learned how to truly operationalize a culture of engagement.

“I’ve seen a huge change in the level of attention from our leadership team when it comes to employee engagement. We weren’t really focusing on it before, but now our leaders are encouraging people and making participation from their teams a priority. The more responses we get, the better our data. They’ve done a great job mobilizing their teams. It shows that what people say matters to them,” said Kira Childers, Employee Engagement Manager for Ontario Systems.

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