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Improving Company Culture

Litmus Test: Is Your Company Culture Truly Diverse and Inclusive?

Wondering if it’s time to devote more resources to your diversity and inclusion initiatives? Take a moment to consider the biggest takeaway from Emplify’s recent…

Read By Heather Mueller on July 19, 2018
Improving Company Culture

5 Tips For Better Internal Employee Communications

Nearly 30 percent of workers surveyed by Robert Half said communication and diplomacy are the areas where leaders need to improve…

Read By Nicole Klemp on July 16, 2018
Improving Company Culture

What Does True Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Look Like?

If you really want to unlock your company’s full potential, diversity and inclusion are key. To see what I mean, consider the following findings from…

Read By Heather Mueller on July 12, 2018
Talent & Recruitment

How Strong is Your Employer Reputation?

The experiences your employees have at work will dictate your reputation… among potential new hires, partners, and even customers. When people want to learn about…

Read By Nicole Klemp on June 29, 2018
Improving Company Culture

Hourly Workers and the Case For Flexibility

By now we know flexibility is a top priority for job seekers. Almost half of professionals have left a job or considered…

Read By Emplify on June 29, 2018
Improving Company Culture

15+ Diversity and Inclusion Stats That’ll Make You Rethink Company Culture

Are you struggling to achieve your company’s diversity and inclusion goals? That’s a sure sign you’re taking the right approach. Successful diversity initiatives—the kind that…

Read By Heather Mueller on June 28, 2018
Manager Success

What the Best Managers Do Differently — And How Employers Can Support Them

It’s often said that employees don’t leave companies; they leave bad bosses. But put a great manager at the head of a team, and the…

Read By Heather Mueller on June 14, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How EWI Uses Employee Feedback to Engage a Distributed Workforce

Leading engineering and technology organization, EWI, is on a mission to bring innovative technology solutions to the manufacturing industry. The 35-year-old, Ohio-based…

Read By Nicole Klemp on June 13, 2018
Measuring Employee Engagement

Want a Quick Win for Employee Engagement? Focus on Role Clarity

Role clarity is one of the 17 drivers of employee engagement, yet it’s often overlooked or undervalued. When an employee has role clarity, they…

Read By Nicole Klemp on June 12, 2018
Talent & Recruitment

Cultural Fit vs. Personality: Which Matters More for Employee Engagement?

Is your company still seeking candidates based on “culture fit”? If so, it may be time to rethink things. This once widely-adopted practice is falling…

Read By Heather Mueller on June 7, 2018
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