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Customer Success Stories

How Crew Carwash Delights Customers With an Engaged Workforce

This article originally appeared in the Indianapolis Business Journal.  Imagine you wake up tomorrow and more than half of your employees…

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on October 3, 2018
Measuring Employee Engagement

Are Less Than 20% of Employees Responsible for Your Biggest Productivity Losses?

We all know how important it is to abide by the old “work smarter not harder” adage. And the work world is full of advice…

Read By Heather Mueller on September 20, 2018
Company/Product News

How We’re Changing the Employee Engagement Industry Forever

We chose employee engagement as our focus at Emplify. Why? Because I believe positive change in every area of our life can start at work.

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on September 17, 2018
Company/Product News

Emplify Secures $7.5M Series A Growth Investment Led by Edison Partners

Employee fueling product innovation, expanding customer success, and launching partnership program FISHERS, Ind. (Sept. 17, 2018) — Emplify, a leading employee engagement measurement company,…

Read By Emplify on September 16, 2018
Improving Company Culture

7 Questions You Must Be Able to Answer Before You Can Improve Employee Engagement

Before you can build a comprehensive employee engagement strategy, there are a few pivotal questions you need to answer about your organization. These are questions…

Read By Nicole Klemp on September 16, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How Leaders at California Closets are Hanging Their Hat on Employee Engagement

California Closets is an industry leader in premium and luxury space management, helping people transform their spaces with custom products and services for over 30…

Read By Nicole Klemp on August 23, 2018
Improving Company Culture

The Right Way to Deliver Big News to Employees (Good or Bad)

If you lead a team of people, you’ve likely had to share important news with them at some point, possibly many times over. Whether the…

Read By Nicole Klemp on August 22, 2018
Improving Company Culture

Scaling a Culture of High Employee Engagement

This article first appeared in the Indianapolis Business Journal. Communication. Respect. Integrity. Excellence. That’s a nice-looking set of values for any organization. What if…

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on August 17, 2018
Distributed Workforce

5 Business Reasons to Offer Remote and Flexible Work Options

Workers today want increasingly more flexibility in when, where, and how they work. Nearly 69% of millennials say they would prefer to…

Read By Nicole Klemp on August 10, 2018
Customer Success Stories

How Ontario Systems Reduced Employee Turnover Rate by 50% with Emplify

As a technology company with office locations spread across the U.S. — and 20% of their workforce working remotely — Ontario…

Read By Nicole Klemp on July 31, 2018
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