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Multigenerational Workforce

How to Turn Millennial Employees into Budding Entrepreneurs

It is fascinating to me to witness the stark differences in priorities between my youngest and oldest sons. It was strange enough having sixteen years…

Read By Mike Cook on August 7, 2017
Measuring Employee Engagement

4 Ways to Build Operational Excellence Through Employee Feedback

(August 3, 2017) Operational excellence is a model that emphasizes continual improvement and a shared understanding of how a process creates value for a customer.

Read By Santiago Jaramillo on August 3, 2017
Improving Company Culture

Company Culture Definition Through the Lens of Engagement

People love to talk about company culture. It’s a hot topic at networking events; a common question on “top company awards” applications; and a common…

Read By Stefanie Jansen on July 26, 2017
Talent & Recruitment

5 Tips for Improving Your Onboarding Employee Experience

(July 24, 2017) – Believe it or not, the heat of summer is almost over. Kids are getting ready to go back to school, and…

Read By Theresa Koch on July 24, 2017
Company/Product News

Emplify Hits One-Year Milestone with 100+ Customers and Record Revenue Growth

Company achieves 274% increase in quarter-over-quarter sales of its Insights™ product to provide leaders with actionable employee data FISHERS, Ind.–(JULY 20, 2017)– Emplify,…

Read By Emplify on July 20, 2017
Improving Company Culture

The Truth About Trust

Mike Cook lives and works from his home in Anacortes, Washington. He is the author of Thriving in the Middle: How the Best Managers…

Read By Mike Cook on July 18, 2017
Improving Company Culture

3 Simple Ways to Build Trust In The Workplace

When you research companies that tout their “strong company cultures,” you’ll often see them promoting things like team happy hours, free lunches or gym memberships.

Read By Eva Jackson on July 14, 2017
Measuring Employee Engagement

3 Tips for Sharing Your Employee Engagement Strategy with Executives

By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of employee engagement—how organizations that get it “right” have 2.5 times more revenue and outperform the…

Read By Eva Jackson on July 10, 2017
Measuring Employee Engagement

Survey Confidentiality vs. Anonymity When Gathering Feedback

(June 8, 2017) – At Emplify, we think gathering employee feedback is extremely important. But the thing about…

Read By Josh Colter on June 8, 2017
Improving Company Culture

Company Culture Examples: The Ultimate Guide

Culture is a vital and unique part of every organization. It’s what makes people decide to join a team and is the biggest…

Read By Stefanie Jansen on May 18, 2017
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