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Editor’s note: This post was updated in January 2017 with updated messaging about Emplify’s employee engagement solution.


(January 17, 2017) — At this point, there’s little chance that you haven’t heard the term “employee engagement” and don’t at least have a general idea of what it means. But if you’re like most company leaders, you’re still uncertain of how to define it and use it to generate a profound impact on your business.

Well, listen up.

Forget everything you’ve heard. Forget everything you’ve assumed. Employee engagement isn’t about showering your workers with the “warm and fuzzies” to make them happier. It’s about appealing to their deep-seated motivations to draw out true engagement that produces better work, culture, and profit.

Here’s what you need to know:
employee engagement definition

Did you catch that part about “positively impact[ing] the company vision and goals?” When employees are engaged and committed to the vision and mission of the company, a subsequent path to value ensues:


value of employee engagement
Identify and take advantage of the benefits of employee engagement in our Executive Value Guide.

There is a direct and tangible added business benefit to organizations who invest in their employees. The stats say it best:

Conversely, disengaged employees come at a measurable cost. In fact, American businesses lose an average of $500+ billion per year because of disengaged workers. Engaging your employees may not seem like your most urgent priority, but how much can you afford to lose if you let disengagement go unaddressed?


4 Steps to Creating Value with Employee Engagement

At Emplify, we don’t just say that your employees are your biggest asset—we believe it. In fact, their engagement has the power to make or break your success. But without a clear strategy, your efforts will seem disingenuous. That’s where we can help. Emplify helps companies measure and improve employee engagement for better business outcomes by pairing the insight of annual/quarterly surveys with the power of a native, branded employee app.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of HR leaders, conducted extensive research, and tested our expertly-sourced best practices to arrive at a simple model for increasing employee engagement:

  • MEASURE. Emplify’s Measure solution allows executives to both confirm their instincts about what they’re already planning and also uncover new insights they had no idea were true through a psychometrically valid employee survey and subsequent quarterly check-ins. Emplify customer Angel Care has been using the actionable data they gathered from their Emplify Survey to validate “gut feelings” they had about changes they were already planning on making. Their survey results have given them the ammunition to pursue those initiatives and make changes where it mattered most.  
  • INSPIRE. Connecting someone’s role to the impact that it has on others creates high inspiration and engagement at very little cost. Emplify customer Indiana Donor Network has done this by regularly sharing “Stories of Hope” about how organ donations were saving people’s lives, which has empowered and inspired their employees at headquarters who don’t have regular contact with the organ recipients. It’s so effective, that that section of their app receives six times more traffic than other sections, meaning employees are continually going back to gain inspiration from the work they do.
  • VOICE. Emplify also empowers company leaders to regularly inquire about employee feedback so they can keep a pulse on the organization and give employees a voice. Arbor Homes now regularly polls their employees with easy-to-answer, one-question surveys every week. When they received a survey result that surprised them, the ease and usefulness of the tool allowed them to probe further, asking follow-up questions on that same topic to help address it. They view Voice as an opportunity for their employees to surface concerns and feedback directly to management instead of just venting to peers without ever bringing about change.
  • CONNECT. Outlook contact libraries and printed directories don’t work when it comes to fostering workplace relationships that really thrive. That’s why we’ve designed Emplify Connect to bring employees together through rich employee profiles (featuring everything from contact information to personal interests and professional strengths) and recognition, all accessible from anywhere through your company’s mobile app. Property developer Mainstreet uses the app to keep their 130-some employees connected. Before launching their app, CEO Zeke Turner wanted to create an Outlook folder to get in touch with employees. Now, he can contact any employee (and learn about them on a personal level) with the touch of a button.  



The business value of employee engagement is tremendous—and just waiting to be tapped. It’s 2017, and employees are craving (nay demanding) to be engaged. Lucky for you, what’s good for your employees is good for your business. Don’t wait to build your employee engagement strategy for better business value. Your business depends on it.  


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