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2020 Employee Engagement Trends Report | Read


Leveraging 2020 Employee Engagement Trends for a Competitive Advantage

A startling 73% of employees are currently open to a new career opportunity. What other workforce concerns might you be missing?  Learn these potential gaps with Kevin Kruse, CEO of LeadX, and Santiago Jaramillo, CEO of Emplify. They’ll shed light on this year’s latest engagement trends…


Employee Engagement Trends 2020: Insights and Benchmarks for Strategic People Leaders

Workplace reality doesn’t always match up with employee expectations. And that disconnect shows up in devastating numbers that reflect the people problems you might be missing. One startling example? Almost two-thirds of employees surveyed reported experiencing burnout at work. Worse: A whopping 73% are “currently open” to a…


The Symptoms of a Disengaged Employee

Business leaders are always asking our employee engagement experts how to increase retention and lower turnover. Our take? Address it before it’s too late by spotting the symptoms of a disengaged employee before they leave. Just look inside this ebook that’s full of tactical tips, stats, and charts for: The…


Understanding the Components of a Winning Employee Engagement Strategy

About the webinar: We know having a clear employee engagement strategy is paramount to achieving your business goals for the year. Yet, of the 90% of leaders who think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, barely 25% of them feel confident it’s working.


Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture

About the webinar: Did you know 68% of consumers would actually pay more for a product or service if it meant getting a better customer experience? Enabling and empowering employees to provide a high-level customer experience is essential to business success, but building that…


Report: The Qualities of Effective Managers

When it comes to succeeding at work, managers are everything. The relationship between an employee and their manager is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement. The way a manager leads impacts the productivity of their team and can make or break the individual success of their direct reports.