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How to Create Effective Employee Surveys

From spreadsheets to SaaS-based forms, the tools available today make it easy for you to administer an employee survey on your own. But should you? In this guide, we’ll help you assess your internal ability to properly administer a survey.


How to Engage Employees Through a Culture of Ownership

Join Great Game of Business Coach and VP Steve Baker alongside best-selling author on employee engagement Todd Richardson as they teach you how to create an engaged culture of owner-minded employees in this must-see webinar.


The Symptoms of a Disengaged Employee

Business leaders are always asking our employee engagement experts how to increase retention and lower turnover. Our take? Address it before it’s too late by spotting the symptoms of a disengaged employee before they leave.


10 Employee Survey Questions to Inform Your Engagement Strategy

Building an employee survey isn’t something that should be quickly compiled with a few questions about pay and benefits using a free internet form tool. To gather the most honest, valid feedback that paints a clearer picture of their engagement within your company, you need expertly-sourced questions that will provide actionable insights for improvement.


How Mainstreet Achieved 100% App Adoption at Launch

Even if your culture is already one of collaboration and innovation, it can still be difficult to keep employees informed and connected. That’s why real estate development, investment, and health care firm Mainstreet built an app to give employees even more opportunities to get involved.


Should Hourly Workers Receive Compensation for Mobile Engagement?

The Fair Labor Standards Act has some strict guidelines around employing hourly workers. Learn how the FLSA can affect an internal mobile app and how to facilitate its use by non-exempt employees. 


Developing a Strong Company Culture

“Culture” is a hot buzzword in the work world right now. But it’s not all free snacks and team outings. FirstPerson and Emplify’s Chief People Officer Todd Richardson team up to teach you how a genuine, unique company culture can become a true competitive advantage.


30 Push Notifications Every Employer Should be Sending

When used effectively, push notifications not only increase your app’s usage, but enhance overall engagement. Here are 30 ideas to get you started.


Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Apps

You know you need a mobile app for your organization. But where do you start? Between custom developers and DIY solutions, the options can be overwhelming—and detrimental to your ROI if you don’t know what to look for. Get the facts before you buy with this comprehensive guide.


Employee Engagement Executive Value Guide

From increasing productivity to reducing turnover, C-level leaders will get a deeper look into the true value of employee engagement and how it leads to a stronger bottom line in this comprehensive guide.


FirstPerson Achieves 86% Push Open Rate, Increased Engagement

Not sure about a mobile app for your company? Hear first-hand from business advisory firm FirstPerson, who achieved an 86% push message open rate and deeper engagement by connecting employees through their mobile app.


Employee Engagement Essentials

3 quick reads for better engaging employees. We’ve put together this comprehensive toolkit of everything you need to know to start engaging employees.


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