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3 Tips for Sharing Your Employee Engagement Strategy with Executives


By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of employee engagement—how organizations that get it “right” have 2.5 times more revenue and outperform the competition by as much as 202%. And you know that greater productivity, retention, innovation, and creativity come to companies where there’s passion and purpose behind the work employees do. It’s no secret that the key to unlocking your employees’ full potential lies in programs designed to engage them.

Now, if only you could get buy-in from your boss. If only there were a way to put proof behind your instincts. If only engagement were something you could benchmark and measure. If only your CEO could see the value in dedicating more resources to engagement initiatives. If only.

Right now, the notions of building a stronger company culture and more engaged workforce may seem out of reach. But with a little research and preparation, you can convince company executives that engagement should be a high priority—and even become an engagement hero at your organization in the process.

Lucky for you, Emplify has prepared a guide for HR leaders who want to present their employee engagement strategy to the C-suite.

Download the 3-step guide today and get:

  • A breakdown of what the C-suite considers when making decisions
  • Tips on how to present your ideas at a executive meeting
  • Direction on where to look to find valuable people data

We’ve even included an interactive worksheet that will help you prove the ROI behind your employee engagement ideas. With our three-step action plan, you’ll be fully prepared to convince your CEO it’s time for a new engagement initiative.

Need more ammo? Here are a few more pieces of inspiration from the Emplify blog:

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